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Retroperitoneal Abscess Associated With a Migrating Grass Awn in a Cat: Treatment With Omentalization and Grass Awn Removal

Mastora, DVM, Hariklia, Papazoglou, Lysimachos G., Patsikas, Michail, Kirmanidou, Glykeria, Donas, Athanasios
Topics in companion animal medicine 2018 v.33 no.4 pp. 97-99
abscess, anesthesia, antibiotics, awns, castration, cats, fever, grasses, males, medicine, pets, signs and symptoms (animals and humans), ultrasonography
An 18-month-old domestic short hair male castrated cat presented with a history of fever of unknown origin of 1-year duration. Abdominal ultrasound revealed a mixed echogenicity mass. Cytological examination of the fluid obtained through fine needle aspiration was consistent with a retroperitoneal abscess. The cat underwent a midline celiotomy and the abscess was opened, lavaged, and omentalized. Antibiotics were also administered. Two months after surgery, the cat represented with a fluctuant swelling in the right flank region at the lumbodorsal triangle. Abdominal and mass ultrasound showed a mixed echogenicity swelling in the right flank. Under gas anesthesia, the swelling was surgically explored and a 0.4 cm long grass awn was found and removed. Telephone communication with the owners 6 months after surgery found the cat to be free of clinical signs.