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Object- and pixel-based classifications of macroalgae farming area with high spatial resolution imagery

Zheng, Yuhan, Wu, Jiaping, Wang, Anqi, Chen, Jiang
Geocarto international 2018 v.33 no.10 pp. 1048-1063
Porphyra, ecosystems, farm area, farms, geometry, macroalgae, normalized difference vegetation index, satellites, statistical analysis
Macroalgae plays an important role in coastal ecosystems. The accurate delineation of macroalgae areas is important for environmental management. This study compared the pixel- and object-based methods using Gaofen satellite no. 2 image to explore an efficient classification approach. Expert system rules and nearest neighbour classifier were adopted for object-based classification, whereas maximum likelihood classifier was implemented in the pixel-based approach. Normalized difference vegetation index, normalized difference water index, mean value of the blue band and geometric characteristics were selected as features to distinguish macroalgae farms by considering the spectral and spatial characteristics. Results show that the object-based method achieved a higher overall accuracy and kappa coefficient than the pixel-based method. Moreover, the object-based approach displayed superiority in identifying Porphyra class. These findings suggest that the object-based method can delineate macroalgae farming areas efficiently and be applied in the future to monitor the macroalgae farms with high spatial resolution imagery.