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Volatile profiles and involvement step of moisture in bulk oils during oxidation by action of deuterium oxide (D2O)

Lee, Chan Kyu, Yi, Bo Ra, Kim, Sung Hwa, Choi, Hyung Seok, Kim, Mi-Ja, Lee, Jae Hwan
Food science and biotechnology 2018 v.27 no.5 pp. 1327-1332
corn oil, deuterium, deuterium oxide, foods, lipid peroxidation, lipid peroxides, oxidation, pentane, volatile compounds, water content
Volatile formation is an inevitable result of lipid oxidation, which impact the quality of lipid rich foods. In this study, moisture role on the formation of volatiles were evaluated using deuterium oxide (D₂O) and possible steps of moisture involvement were suggested. Moisture content in corn oil with deuterium free water (H₂O) was significantly (p < 0.05) higher than that in corn oil with D₂O. The contents of some volatiles including pentane, hexanal, 2-hexenal, and t-2-heptenal in corn oil with D₂O were higher than those in corn oil with H₂O for the first 8 days. Volatiles containing deuterium appeared in the order of pentane, t-2-pentenal, and t-2-heptenal during oxidation. Deuterium incorporated volatiles could be formed after the β-scission of lipid hydroperoxides. Therefore, moisture plays important roles in the formation of volatiles as well as the locations of oxidation in bulk oils.