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Study of biological activity of Tricholoma equestre fruiting bodies and their safety for human

Muszyńska, Bożena, Kała, Katarzyna, Radović, Jelena, Sułkowska-Ziaja, Katarzyna, Krakowska, Agata, Gdula-Argasińska, Joanna, Opoka, Włodzimierz, Kundaković, Tatjana
European food research & technology 2018 v.244 no.12 pp. 2255-2264
Tricholoma, active ingredients, bioactive properties, food research, fruiting bodies, humans, mushrooms, poisoning, rhabdomyolysis, risk
One of the species of mushrooms authorized for sale in some countries—Tricholoma equestre—can be harmful, and its excessive consumption can lead to serious health problems. Many authors have pointed to the relationship between the consumption of the T. equestre and the occurrence of rhabdomyolysis. The aim of this study was to analyze the composition of biologically active substances in the T. equestre fruiting bodies, and determine their biological activity. The main aim of the analyses performed in the present study was to determine whether the T. equestre is safe or dangerous for consumption by humans. The obtained results, in addition to the existing reports on poisoning caused by T. equestre consumption, are another reason to not take the risk of consuming the fruiting bodies of this species, as the natural environment is rich in other species of edible mushrooms that are not only tasty, but also exhibit healing properties.