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Thermopolymerization inhibitors generated via radiolysis of lignin

Gorbarev, Igor N., Kasterin, Alexander I., Metreveli, Polina K., Ponomarev, Alexander V.
Journal of wood science 2018 v.64 no.5 pp. 675-682
distillation, lignin, radiolysis, styrene
The pyrogenic conversion of lignin to a phenolic tar can be significantly enhanced by combining dry distillation with simultaneous electron-beam treatment of lignin. The tar produced by the combined method contains three times more benzenediols in comparison with conventional pyrogenic distillation method. As shown, the tar of radiation-thermal origin can inhibit the thermopolymerization of certain monomers, such as styrene. The inhibiting ability of tar exceeds that of synthetic phenolic inhibitors. In the presence of 0.025 wt% of the tar, the induction period of styrene thermopolymerization at 120 °С is at least 120 min. Radiation-thermal formation of phenolic tar obeys the chain mechanism and thereby, is a highly efficient process.