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Datura-like Ni-HG-rGO as highly efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline conditions

Du, Jing, Wang, Lixin, Bai, Lei, Dang, Shijia, Su, Li, Qin, Xiujuan, Shao, Guangjie
Journal of colloid and interface science 2019 v.535 pp. 75-83
catalysts, electrodes, foams, graphene, graphene oxide, hydrogen production, hydrophilicity, nanoparticles, nickel, sodium hydroxide
Development of highly-active and noble-metal-free electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reactions is a challenge, and optimizing the structure and the composition of the relative materials is critical to obtain the high-quality catalysts. Ni-based compounds are being explored as noble-metal-free electrocatalysts in hydrogen evolution reactions but the Ni-based needs to be modified effectively. In this work, we co-electrodeposited Ni nanoparticles, hydrophilic graphene and graphene oxide layers on Ni foam to synthesize Ni-HG-rGO/NF catalysts. It was presented a Datura-like shape allowing for high performance with current densities of −10 and −100 mA cm−2 for HER at overpotentials of −50 and −132 mV, a low Tafel slope of −48 mV dec−1 and excellent long-term stability in 1.0 M NaOH solution. These results demonstrate that the Ni-HG-rGO/NF electrode can be a competitive electrode materials for HER in alkaline conditions.