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Specialty rice malt optimization and improvement of rice malt beer aspect and aroma

Ceccaroni, Dayana, Sileoni, Valeria, Marconi, Ombretta, De Francesco, Giovanni, Lee, Eung Gwan, Perretti, Giuseppe
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2019 v.99 pp. 299-305
antioxidant activity, beers, brewing, celiac disease, color, flavor, gluten-free foods, malt, malting barley, nutritive value, odors, polyphenols, rice, sensory evaluation, taste
Although brewing beer with cereals other than barley malt is an established trend, producing a tasty product in this manner represents an ongoing research challenge. Rice malt beer represents a gluten-free beverage for individuals with celiac disease. Previous research on rice malt beer has shown a notably flat sensory profile and a low pale color. The use of special rice malts could be a means of enhancing the flavor, taste, color and body of a rice malt beer. To the best of our knowledge, no research has been performed on the use of rice for the production of specialty malts. An experimental study to obtain two different types of special rice malt, namely, caramelized and dark, was conducted. Quality attributes of the obtained malts were determined. A top fermented beer from pale rice malt and special rice malts was produced and analyzed to evaluate the sensorial properties. The resulting beer displayed a malted profile and an amber color. The use of the special rice malts enhanced the flavor and the color, in addition to the stability and the nutritional value, of the beer, thanks to their high polyphenol content and their good antioxidant capacity.