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Development of an immunochromatographic strip for antibody detection of pseudorabies virus in swine

Li, Xiujie, Sun, Yaning, Yang, Suzhen, Wang, Yinbiao, Yang, Jifei, Liu, Yunchao, Jin, Qianyue, Li, Xuewu, Guo, Chengliu, Zhang, Gaiping
gold, Suid alphaherpesvirus 1, blood serum, equipment, immunoaffinity chromatography, antibodies, antibody detection, viruses, staphylococcal protein A, glycoproteins, swine
An immunochromatographic strip was developed for the serological detection of pseudorabies virus (PRV) in swine. In the strip, the expressed protein of gB, one of the glycoproteins of PRV, labeled with colloidal gold, was used as the detector; staphylococcal protein A and swine anti–pseudorabies virus antibody were blotted on nitrocellulose membrane for the test and control lines, respectively. The specificity of the strip was 98.1%, and the sensitivity of the strip with reference anti-PRV serum was 96.0%. Swine serum samples (296) were collected to evaluate the characteristics of the strip in comparison with an existing commercial kit. The agreement was 93.6%. Furthermore, the dipstick assay based on the strip is rapid (5 min) and easy to perform with no requirement of professional skills, reagents, or equipment. This suggests that the immunochromatographic strip is an acceptable alternative for use in clinical laboratories lacking specialized equipment and for field diagnosis.