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Green synthesis of nanoarchitectured nickel fabrics as high performance electrodes for supercapacitors

Zhou, Ruitao, Fu, Yexiang, Chao, Kuo-an, Cheng, Ching-Hsiang
Renewable energy 2019 v.135 pp. 1445-1451
capacitance, catalysts, electrochemistry, electrodes, electrolytes, fabrics, nickel, renewable energy sources, silver, sodium hydroxide
A facile and environmental-friendly method is developed to coat nickel films on fabrics using Gantrez as the functional molecule and Ag+ as the catalyst, and nickel cloth and nickel brush are synthesized by this method. Nanohemisphere structures are grown on the nickel fabrics by diffusion controlled electroless deposition method subsequently. The nickel fabrics with nanohemispheres have high and balanced electrochemical performance with 1.5 M NaOH as the electrolyte. At the current density of 5 mA/cm2, the nanoarchitectured nickel cloth and nickel brush show a specific capacitance of 2.31 F/cm2 and 6.82 F/cm2, respectively. The nanoarchitectured nickel brush has a high rate capability and cyclic capability with 92% capacitance retention as the current density changes from 3 mA/cm2 to 20 mA/cm2, and 113% capacitance retention after 10,000 charge-discharge cycles. Furthermore, 98% capacitance retention of the nickel brush is measured after the bending test with a radius of 3 mm for 800 cycles.