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Peter Wilcox: a New Purple-Skin, Yellow-Flesh Fresh Market Potato Cultivar with Moderate Resistance to Powdery Scab

K. G. Haynes, G. C. Yencho, M. E. Clough, M. R. Henninger, X. S. Qu, B. J. Christ, M. W. Peck, G. A. Porter, C. M. Hutchinson, D. M. Gergela, D. E. Halseth, S. R. Menasha, J. B. Sieczka
American journal of potato research 2015 v.92 no.5 pp. 573-581
Phytophthora infestans, Potato virus Y, Verticillium wilt, blight, color, crop yield, cultivars, disease resistance, fresh market, heat, hollow heart, necrosis, potatoes, scab diseases, specific gravity, testing, tubers, Maine
Peter Wilcox is a new, medium-maturing, purple-skinned, yellow-fleshed potato cultivar for the fresh market. Peter Wilcox also produces light-colored chips, although it is being released primarily as a fresh market potato because of its skin and flesh colors. Tubers are attractive, smooth, with dark purple-skin, oblong shape and moderate size. Yellow-flesh intensity is equal to or slightly darker than Yukon Gold. Marketable yields of Peter Wilcox have averaged 78–97 % of various standard cultivars in multiple years of testing. Specific gravity of Peter Wilcox was lower than Yukon Gold, but higher than standard red-skin cultivars it was compared to at numerous locations. Hollow heart and internal heat necrosis in Peter Wilcox tubers have generally been less than in standard cultivars; however, slight purple-streaks in the flesh have occasionally been reported in Maine. Peter Wilcox is moderately resistant to powdery scab. It is susceptible to late blight, early blight, potato virus Y, Verticillium wilt, and common scab. Peter Wilcox is a publicly released cultivar.