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Carbon sequestration service flow in the Guanzhong-Tianshui economic region of China: How it flows, what drives it, and where could be optimized?

Li, Ting, Li, Jing, Wang, Yanze
Ecological indicators 2019 v.96 pp. 548-558
carbon sequestration, economic regions, ecosystem services, ecosystems, environmental factors, environmental indicators, humans, mountains, supply balance, China
The temporal and spatial delivery of ecosystem services is inevitable link between ecosystem and human. But few studies to date have visualized ecosystem services supply and demand from ecosystem process viewpoint. In this study, we simulate the supply-demand spatial matching of carbon sequestration service, visualize the magnitude- and direction-component of carbon sequestration service flows, and select suitable areas for low-carbon target-oriented optimal allocation in the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Region (GTER) of China. Our results indicate that carbon sequestration service supply in GTER can meet the regional demand; carbon sequestration centers (Ri > 0.04) are Tianshui, Binxian, Pucheng, Fengxiang and the urban agglomeration on Guanzhong plain which includes Xi’an, Xianyang, and Baoji; Qinling Mountains and Beishan Mountains provide carbon sequestration service for the 5 typical carbon sequestration sub-regions of GTER through carbon sequestration service flows with diverse magnitudes and directions; Ecological factors of NPP, DEM and PET are key dynamic forces for carbon sequestration service supply; Priority areas for low-carbon target-oriented optimal allocation are situated in the west of Qinling Mountains.