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Health Risk Assessment of Exposure to Heavy Metals and Aflatoxins via Dietary Intake of Dried Red Pepper from Marketplaces in Antalya, Southern Turkey

Kilic, Serpil, Cam, Ihsan Burak, Tongur, Timur, Kilic, Murat
Journal of food science 2018 v.83 no.10 pp. 2675-2681
aflatoxins, arsenic, cadmium, color, dyes, food intake, foods, health effects assessments, heavy metals, hot peppers, industry, lead, markets, raw materials, risk analysis, Turkey (country)
Red pepper is used as raw material in industry and as a seasoning in various foods. In this study, the cadmium, lead and arsenic content of 33 red pepper samples sold in open and sealed packages on different markets was investigated in terms of their synthetic color components, aflatoxin amounts and toxic elements, which have been declared as cancerous by the World Health Organization (WHO). According to the results, synthetic colorants, arsenic and cadmium were not detected in any of the samples, while lead was detected in 11 samples and aflatoxins were detected in eight of the samples. As a consequence of these investigations, a health risk analysis was carried out by taking into account the amount of consumption in the region. The B1 aflatoxin content in the samples, according to daily consumption data, exceeded the limits set by the European Commission (EC) by almost 150%.