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Fiber‐Rich Food Processing Byproducts Enhance the Expansion of Cornstarch Extrudates

Masli, Maria Dian Pratiwi, Gu, Bon‐Jae, Rasco, Barbara A., Ganjyal, Girish M.
Journal of food science 2018 v.83 no.10 pp. 2500-2510
apple pomace, corn starch, energy, extrusion, food processing, fruit products, hulls, nutritive value, shrinkage, snack foods, snacks, sugarcane bagasse, vegetables
Expansion characteristics of cornstarch‐based extrudates incorporating fiber‐rich food processing byproducts was explored. Waxy and regular cornstarch were used as the base materials with apple pomace and sugarcane bagasse incorporated at two addition levels (0%, 15%, and 30% w/w). Extrusions were conducted at three different screw speeds (150, 200, and 250 rpm) with other parameters optimized and kept constant. Apple pomace inclusion resulted in higher initial expansion index (4.23 to 5.60) and higher stable expansion index (2.76 to 4.43), but also showed higher shrinkage (8.50% to 34.72%) than sugarcane bagasse extrudates at the same inclusion levels. Inclusion of apple pomace showed potential of producing extrudates with significantly higher expansion than cornstarch control, with relatively lower energy inputs. Extrusion methods used here have the potential to preserve the textural quality and nutritional value of the fiber‐enriched extrudates, providing the base for healthier snack food items. PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Findings from this study can be extended to the other fiber‐rich food processing byproducts, such as other fruit and vegetable pomace, cereal brans, and pulse hulls among other materials. This data will help the development of fiber‐enriched extruded snacks that would have favorable consumer traits.