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Methodology for comparing wood adhesive bond load transfer using digital volume correlation

Ching, D. J., Kamke, F. A., Bay, B. K.
Wood science and technology 2018 v.52 no.6 pp. 1569-1587
X-radiation, adhesives, computed tomography, microstructure, resin canals, texture, wood
The steps followed to study the micromechanics of wood adhesive bond planes using X-ray computed tomography (XCT) and digital volume correlation (DVC) are described. Iodine-tagged adhesive was formulated to provide X-ray contrast between the wood cell material and the adhesive. Specimens were tested in single-lap shear by tension loading and scanned in a step-loading procedure. DVC was applied to natural texture (such as pits, cell tips, and ray cell features), and the accuracy and precision of DVC for wood texture were characterized. XCT imagery was segmented, and the morphology of the adhesive was compared with the load transfer characteristics. Challenges to be addressed for performing in situ experiments with natural texture and DVC are discussed. The results show measurable effects of the microstructure (such as rays and resin canals) on strain distributions, but determining whether or not there is a significant link between adhesive morphology and bond performance requires further study.