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ALDH2 mediates the dose-response protection of chronic ethanol against endothelial senescence through SIRT1/p53 pathway

Xue, Li, Yang, Feihong, Han, Ziqi, Cui, Sumei, Dai, Shuai, Xu, Feng, Zhang, Chuanxin, Wang, Xuping, Pang, Jiaojiao, Pan, Chang, Chen, Yuguo
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 2018 v.504 no.4 pp. 777-783
aldehyde dehydrogenase, dose response, endothelial cells, endothelial nitric oxide synthase, ethanol, humans, phenotype
Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2) plays essential roles in drinking-associated diseases or effects. As we have previously reported, ALDH2 mediates acute ethanol-induced eNOS activation in vitro. However, whether chronic ethanol treatment has a dose-response endothelial protection, as well as the possible mediating role of ALDH2 involved, is unclear. Here, we show that appropriate dose of ethanol preserved the expression and activity of ALDH2 and eNOS, and alleviated senescence-associated phenotypes in human aortic endothelial cells. Furthermore, ALDH2 deficiency impairs the dose-response protection of ethanol against endothelial senescence by promoting the accumulation of 4-HNE, the formation of 4-HNE-SIRT1 protein adducts and the subsequent decrease in SIRT1-dependent p53 deacetylation. Collectively, our data indicate that ALDH2 mediates the protection of appropriate ethanol by modulating SIRT1/p53-dependent endothelial senescence.