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Isolated and combined effects of elevated CO2 and high temperature on the whole-plant biomass and the chemical composition of soybean seeds

Palacios, C.J., Grandis, A., Carvalho, V.J., Salatino, A., Buckeridge, M.S.
Food chemistry 2019 v.275 pp. 610-617
ambient temperature, biomass, carbohydrates, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide enrichment, chemical composition, developmental stages, grain yield, grains, oils, plant development, seed yield, seeds, soybeans
Soybean plants of the variety ‘MG/BR Conquista’ were grown in open top chambers, simulating elevated CO2 concentration ([CO2]) and high temperature under the following treatments: 1) ambient [CO2] and ambient temperature (Amb); 2) elevated [CO2] (eCO2) and ambient temperature (Elev); 3) ambient [CO2] and high temperature (Amb/Temp); 4) elevated CO2 and high temperature (Elev/Temp). The aim was to evaluate responses to elevated [CO2] and high temperature, with focus on plant development and seed yield, and composition. Elev stimulated grain yield and Amb/Temp had opposite effect. Several biochemical parameters were affected by Amb/Temp, most of them reversed by simultaneous application of Elev. The oil obtained with Elev/Temp had lower degree of unsaturation. A network of relationships among biochemical parameters of grains at three developmental stages revealed that Amb/Temp and Elev/Temp affect significantly both carbohydrate and lipid metabolisms. No significant difference was obtained comparing networks corresponding to Amb and Elev/Temp.