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Changes on the phytochemicals profile of instant corn flours obtained by traditional nixtamalization and ohmic heating process

Ramírez-Jiménez, Aurea K., Rangel-Hernández, Jorge, Morales-Sánchez, Eduardo, Loarca-Piña, Guadalupe, Gaytán-Martínez, Marcela
Food chemistry 2019 v.276 pp. 57-62
antioxidants, corn flour, effluents, ferulic acid, flavonoids, high performance liquid chromatography, insoluble fiber, nixtamalization, soluble fiber, tumor necrosis factors
We studied the changes in the phytochemicals profile of two instant corn flours produced by different process: traditional nixtamalization process (TN) and by ohmic heating process (OH). The highest total phenolics content was found in the OH flours (OHF), which showed predominance of bound phenolics and free flavonoids compared with the TN flours (TNF). Ferulic acid measured by HPLC-DAD was the most abundant compound in its bound form in the OHF, but decreased by 57% in TNF. The insoluble fiber content was preserved by the OHF (17.49%) and the soluble fiber increased ∼65% compared with TNF. These data suggest that instant corn flours processed by OH preserves the phenolic profile and antioxidant profile similarly than flours processed by TN; furthermore, water waste was reduced significantly, and no effluents were produced in the ohmic heating process.