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Cooked color of precooked ground beef patties manufactured with mature bull trimmings

Hollenbeck, Jace J., Apple, Jason K., Yancey, Janeal W.S., Johnson, Tim M., Kerns, Kaleigh N., Young, Ashley N.
Meat science 2019 v.148 pp. 41-49
bulls, color, cooking, ground beef, microwave ovens, patties, storage temperature
Lean (80%) ground beef was formulated with 0, 25, 50, 75, or 100% mature bull trimmings, formed into patties, cooked to 71 °C in an air-impingement oven, and stored at −20 °C until reheating to 71 °C either in a microwave oven or on a gas-fired chargrill. Instrumental color of raw patties was not (P ≥ .080) affected by levels of bull trim. After initial cooking, internal cooked redness values were not affected (P ≥ .202) by the proportion of bull trim; however, the internal reheated patty redness increased (greater a* values and lesser HA; P ≤ .001) with increasing proportions of bull trimmings. Formulating ground beef with high levels (>50%) of mature, bull trimmings had minimal effects on raw ground beef color, but patties formulated with the highest proportions of bull trimmings appeared undercooked even after cooking twice to 71 °C.