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Sustainable supply chain modeling and analysis: Past debate, present problems and future challenges

Ghadimi, Pezhman, Wang, Chao, Lim, Ming K
Resources, conservation, and recycling 2019 v.140 pp. 72-84
industry, issues and policy, models, recycling, society, supply chain
For the last two decades, the topic of sustainable supply chains has evoked considerable interest from academics and practitioners. Within this context, Resources, Conservation and Recycling (RCR) and its two predecessors (Resources and Conservation, and Conservation and Recycling) have provided a platform for the exchange of technological, economic, institutional and policy aspects to help societies transition toward sustainability. The current article analyses the published research works in the RCR literature within the context of sustainable supply chain modeling by employing a content analysis literature review technique. Using the body of available literature in RCR, the articles on sustainable supply chain are analyzed in terms of the following: (1) publication per year, (2) top-cited papers across time, (3) most productive and influential authors, institutions and countries (4) supply chain related topical themes, (5) research methodologies applied, (6) illustration types and (7) industries addressed. The analysis revealed that the call for incorporating sustainability (i.e., economic, social, and environmental pillars) into supply chain operations has increased in recent years in RCR publications. Finally, the comprehensive findings and interpretations are presented, as well as the primary current trends, future challenges, directions and opportunities.