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System dynamics simulation for optimal stream flow regulations under consideration of coordinated development of ecology and socio-economy in the Weihe River Basin, China

Song, Jinxi, Tang, Bin, Zhang, Junlong, Dou, Xinyi, Liu, Qi, Shen, Weibo
Ecological engineering 2018 v.124 pp. 51-68
basins, dynamic models, ecology, issues and policy, socioeconomic development, socioeconomics, stream flow, water resources, watersheds, China
A system dynamics model (SDM) is developed to assess the dynamic changes in water resources and the impacts of different policies and measures in the Weihe River Basin. The purpose of the model is to enhance understanding of the dynamic behavior of this interactive system and to provide decision support to promote the sustainable utilization of water resources and the coordinated development of socio-economic conditions and the ecological environment in the Weihe River Basin. Six scenarios are designed to simulate the variations in and the effects of key variables based on changing the values of parameters in the model. The simulation results show that the SDM developed in this study can provide deep insight into the actual system and accurately reflects the dynamic behaviour of the basin. The results of the scenario-based projections suggest that improving water efficiency is the most effective means of supporting rapid socio-economic development and improving the quality of the ecological environment.