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Rapid, real-time chemiluminescent detection of DNA mutation based on digital microfluidics and pyrosequencing

Zou, Fenxiang, Ruan, Qingyu, Lin, Xiaoye, Zhang, Mingxia, Song, Yanling, Zhou, Leiji, Zhu, Zhi, Lin, Shuichao, Wang, Wei, Yang, Chaoyong James
Biosensors & bioelectronics 2019 v.126 pp. 551-557
DNA, automation, bioluminescence, biosensors, genes, genetic testing, microfluidic technology, mutants, mutation, sequence analysis, sex determination analysis
To explore genome mutation meaningfully, it is in urgent need to develop an automated and inexpensive platform for DNA mutation analysis. Digital microfluidics is a powerful platform for a broad range of applications due to the advantages of high automatization and low reagent consumption. Pyrosequencing enables DNA sequencing based on non-electrophoresis bioluminescence, which is suitable for rapid and sensitive analysis of short sequences. Herein, we describe a palmtop sequencing platform for automatic, real-time and portable analysis of DNA mutations, which is based on the pyrosequencing principle and implemented by digital microfluidics. The portable system can sequence a DNA template with up to 53 bp with 100% accuracy within 2 h. Mutation in the KRAS gene can be detected within 30 min with a LOD as low as 5% mutant level. Portable and accurate gender identification was further demonstrated by sequencing a short amelogenin fragment. With the advantages of portability, ease of use, high accuracy, and low cost, the palmtop sequencing platform shows great potential for portable genetic testing in a variety of circumstances.