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Type-I counter-current chromatography with the multilayer coil for protein separation B Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences

Yang, Yi, Zhang, Yunci, Liu, Chang, Ji, Zhenni, Yin, Yuxin, Chu, Tingting, Tian, Jing, Ito, Yoichiro
Journal of chromatography 2018 v.1100-1101 pp. 39-42
countercurrent chromatography, lysozyme, myoglobin, polyethylene glycol, potassium phosphates, solvents
In our recent study, the design and performance of type-I counter-current chromatography (CCC) were changed and improved by multilayer coil. In the present study, the performance of protein separation using the multilayer coil configuration in type-I CCC was investigated under various flow rates. In order to overcome the noise signal interrupting the target peaks, a hollow fiber membrane dialyzer was inserted between CCC column outlet and inlet of the monitor. The separation was performed with a two-phase solvent system composed of polyethylene glycol 1000/dibasic potassium phosphate each at 12.5% (w/w) in deionized water and lysozyme and myoglobin were used as the test samples. The retention of stationary phase in the head to tail elution mode was lower than that in the tail to head elution mode, but Rs (peak resolution) was opposite. The intermittently pressed tubing can efficiently improve the performance of protein separation by type-I CCC with the multilayer coil. The best Rs was 1.54 and obtained at the flow rate of 0.10 ml/min under a revolution speed of 200 rpm. The present result indicated that type-I CCC can be as a potential powerful tool of protein separation for the first time.