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Myocarditis and Abortion Associated with Intrauterine Infection of Sows with Porcine Circovirus 2

West, Keith H., Bystrom, Janet M., Wojnarowicz, Chris, Shantz, Neil, Jacobson, Mark, Allan, Gordon M., Haines, Deborah M., Clark, Edward G., Krakowka, Steven, McNeilly, Francis, Konoby, Carrie, Martin, Karen, Ellis, John A.
Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation 1999 v.11 no.6 pp. 530-532
Encephalomyocarditis virus, Enterovirus, Porcine circovirus-2, Ungulate protoparvovirus 1, antigens, farms, fetal death, fetus, immunohistochemistry, kidneys, liver, lungs, myocarditis, piglets, sows, staining, viruses, wasting syndrome
Porcine circovirus 2 (PCV2) is a recently identified agent that has been associated with post-weaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (PMWS) in swine populations. In this report, the potential spectrum of disease associated with PCV2 is expanded by evidence of vertical transmission and associated reproductive failure. PCV2 was isolated from a litter of aborted piglets from a farm experiencing late-term abortions and stillbirths. Severe, diffuse myocarditis was present in 1 piglet associated with extensive immunohistochemical staining for PCV2 antigen. Variable amounts of PCV2 antigen were also present in liver, lung, and kidney of multiple fetuses. The presence of other agents that have been associated with fetal lesions and abortion in swine, including porcine parvovirus, porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome virus, encephalomyocarditis virus, and enterovirus, could not be established.