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Modeling the non-elastic stretch deformation of cloth based on creep analysis

Jung, Il-Hoe, Lee, Sang-Bin, Kim, Jong-Jun, Ryu, Han-Na, Ko, Hyeong-Seok
deformation, models, viscoelasticity
This work proposes a method to model the non-elastic components in the fabric stretch deformation in the context of physically based fabric simulator. This paper finds that the above problem can be made tractable if we decompose the stretch deformation into the immediate elastic, viscoelastic, and plastic components. A non-trivial job is the decomposition of the deformation itself. For the purpose of the simulator development, the decomposition must be possible at any stage of deformation and any occurrence of loading and unloading. Based on the observations of various constant force creep measurements, this paper makes an assumption that, within a particular fabric, the viscoelastic and plastic components are proportional to each other and their ratio is invariant over time. Experimental results produced with the proposed method match with general expectations, and show that the method can represent the non-elastic stretch deformation for arbitrary time-varying force.