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Micro-CT supporting structural analysis and modelling of ropes made of natural fibers

Toda, Marta, Grabowska, Katarzyna E, Ciesielska-Wrobel, Izabela L
micro-computed tomography, models, natural fibers, ropes, yarns
This paper describes the modelling of the structure and mechanical parameters of rope components made of natural fibers. Modern X-ray micro-tomography (Micro-CT) was employed to measure the parameters of the internal structure of the multi-component yarns making up rope and utilized as a basic model of twisted rope. The results allowed calculation of the tensions generated in the component yarns and detection of the unevenness of the filling of the component yarns by fibers, which was clearly visible in cross-section. The unevenness of twist measured as a function of distance from the center of the yarn was also detected. The unevenness of fiber distribution in the twisted element decreased its intensity, starting from the surface of the yarn and going deeper into the structure. Migration of the fibers in the frame of the circumference of the component yarns was associated with the mutual slide of single fibers.