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Research on planar frequency selective fabrics with Jerusalem-shaped units

Guan, Fuwang, Xiao, Hong, Shi, Meiwu, Wang, Qun, Yu, Weidong, Wang, Fumei
algorithms, fabrics, models, polyesters, textile fibers
Planar frequency selective fabrics (FSFs) with Jerusalem-shaped units were proposed in this paper. In accordance with the previous work, the design process was specifically for 10 GHz. Through simulation and optimization procedures, the ideal structure parameters were obtained, and the proposed FSFs with optimized parameters showed good stability to differential and integral algorithms, transmission modes and incidence angles of electromagnetic (EM) waves. To further explore the internal EM transmission mechanism of FSFs, the surface currents at 4, 10 and 14 GHz were analyzed comparatively. Based on the simulated results, 10 samples with the polyester fabric substrate were fabricated through the computer-based carving method and the transmission characteristics were tested using the Shielding Room Method. The fabricated FSFs indeed showed good frequency response characteristics, as expected, and the comparison of measured and simulated results verified the validity of the design procedures. The influence rules of structure parameters (p, a, b, c) were further studied in detail by changing their values properly, and the simplified equivalent circuit model was proposed to explore the corresponding physical mechanism, which could provide physical insight into the performance of the FSFs.