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Computer Simulation of Cone Winding Mechanisms with Constant Rate of Yarn Delivery Systems

Porat, I., Greenwood, K., Bandukda, Z.
Textile research journal 1999 v.69 no.2 pp. 113-120
computer simulation, equipment, fabrics, monitoring, nose, peroxidase, prediction, spinning, textile fibers, yams, yarns
The work reported here is aimed at designing a tension compensation system that will prevent increased tension with increasing package diameter, which usually occurs with constant rate of yam delivery systems such as those used on OE spinning machines. Compensation is achieved by a feed-back tension monitoring device that adjusts the driving roller speed so as to keep the tension constant. In cone winding, the design of such a system is complicated by the fact that, at any particular driving roller speed, the yarn take-up speed varies from base to nose of the package and is only equal to the driving roller speed at one point, the point of drive (POD). In order to solve this problem, a computer simulation of a cone winding system with constant rate of yarn delivery is developed. The analytical work involved in creating the simulation makes it possible to determine the location of the POD and shows that it is dependent on yarn tension and on the frictional force between driving roller and package. This means that in designing the compensating system, one must pay attention to the movement of the POD. which to some extent cancels out the effect of changes in the driving roller speed. There is good agreement between experimental results and predictions derived from the simu lation, and the new compensating system completely eliminates the effect of increasing cone diameter on yam tension.