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Multimodel Fractional Predictive Functional Control Design with Application on an Industrial Heating Furnace

Hu, Xiaomin, Zou, Hongbo, Tao, Jili, Gao, Furong
Industrial & engineering chemistry process design and development 2018 v.57 no.42 pp. 14182-14190
furnaces, models, process design, temperature
This paper mainly targets the nonlinear characteristics in industrial heating furnace control and uses the multimodel method to decompose the global dynamics of the process into a series of local model sets. The corresponding predictive functional controller is designed using the local fractional order models of the set within their working range. The weight coefficients of the different models in the model sets are obtained based on the error of the different model sets at current moment, and the system performance at current moment is obtained by weighting between many models using the weight coefficient. Since the accuracy of the local models is increased, the error between the local model set and the process output is reduced, which decreases the influence of the system model inaccuracy on the system performance. Finally, the strategy is verified through the experiment on the temperature of a heating furnace.