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In memory of Thomas Turpin Bannister (1930–2018)

Laws, Edward, Weidemann, Alan, Hoch, George, Bannister, Horatio, Knox, Robert S., Govindjee,
Photosynthesis research 2018 v.138 no.2 pp. 129-138
algae, biophysics, graduate students, models, photochemistry, photosynthesis, phytoplankton, pigments, primary productivity
Tom Bannister (1930–2018) was an extraordinary person and a remarkably productive scientist. He began his career studying the basics of photochemistry, biophysics, and biology of photosynthetic pigments and later moved on to primary production of algae. His publications on modeling of primary production rates in aquatic systems are among the most widely cited in the field of phytoplankton ecology. His scientific enthusiasm was contagious, and his knowledge of photosynthesis and phytoplankton ecology enabled him to wisely mentor an impressive group of graduate students. He encouraged his students to strike out on their own but was always supportive and caring. Tom had a great love of life and nature, and he had a wonderful sense of humor. His students and those with whom he interacted remember him with great fondness. We have included here remembrances from some of us as well as from Rich Dempsey; Michael (Mike) Johnson; Stephen Lien; Janet Pelley; Bruce Selman; and Rudy Slovacek.