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Enhanced electromagnetic wave absorption of nanoporous Fe3O4 @ carbon composites derived from metal-organic frameworks

Xiang, Zhen, Song, Yiming, Xiong, Juan, Pan, Zhongbin, Wang, Xiao, Liu, Lei, Liu, Rui, Yang, Huawei, Lu, Wei
Carbon 2019 v.142 pp. 20-31
absorption, carbon, coordination polymers, electromagnetic radiation, iron oxides, magnetism, nanopores, radar
Electromagnetic wave absorbing materials have been widely applied in the wireless communication, electronic devices, and radar technology. In this work, metal-organic frameworks derived nanoporous Fe3O4 @ carbon (Fe3O4@NPC) composites were successfully obtained by a simple method. Electromagnetic wave absorbing performances were significantly enhanced due to the optimal impedance matching and strong attenuation via the synergy between the dielectric loss and the magnetic loss. As a result, the Fe3O4@NPC composites exhibited excellent electromagnetic wave absorbing properties, in which a strong reflection loss (RL) of −65.5 dB at 9.8 GHz as well as a wide absorbing bandwidth of 4.5 GHz (RL < −10 dB) with a matching thickness of 3.0 mm were achieved. Therefore, the present work can provide a new paradigm for the design and synthesis of electromagnetic wave absorbing materials possessing a promising application potential.