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Active cobalt induced high catalytic performances of cobalt ferrite nanobrushes for the reduction of p-nitrophenol

Zhang, Yuxi, Fang, Hao, Zhang, Yanqiao, Wen, Ming, Wu, Dandan, Wu, Qingsheng
Journal of colloid and interface science 2019 v.535 pp. 499-504
catalysts, catalytic activity, cobalt, ferrimagnetic materials, green chemistry, p-nitrophenol, synergism
Tremendous attention has been focused on exploring highly efficient and economical catalysts to the reduction of p-nitrophenol for the purpose of green chemistry. However, it is still a challenge to elevate the catalysts with high activity and desirable recyclability. Herein, Cobalt-Cobalt Ferrite (Co-CoFe2O4) nanobrushes have been synthesized by controlled growth-reduction process in one step, which is applied to catalyze the reduction of p-nitrophenol. In situ generated active Co(0) can induce Co-CoFe2O4 nanobrushes to achieve higher catalytic activity with a reaction rate of 0.0457 s−1 for the reduction of p-nitrophenol due to the synergetic effect between in situ generated Co(0) and its induced defects on the CoFe2O4 support. Compared with other catalysts calculated and gathered in Table S1 in Supporting Information, as-designed Co-CoFe2O4 nanobrushes can be employed as a good candidate for the nitro-reduction reaction.