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Protein concentration and hydrocolloid effect on the rheological and tribological behaviour of resulting protein solution

Zhu, Yang, Bhandari, Bhesh, Pang, Zhihua, Liu, Xinqi, Prakash, Sangeeta
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2019 v.100 pp. 150-157
beverages, body weight, consciousness, curdlan, friction, gelatin, hydrocolloids, kappa carrageenan, lubrication, pectins, viscosity, whey protein
In recent years, the consumption of high protein beverages has increased due to the consciousness among consumers about their body weight. This study investigated the rheological, tribological and visual properties of pure proteins solutions with variable protein concentrations and with/without hydrocolloids (gelatin, κ-carrageenan, low methoxy pectin and curdlan). Although whey protein addition did not have any obvious influence on the appearances of protein solutions, it increased the stability against agglomeration and improved viscosity and lubrication property (measured as a friction coefficient) to some extent. The protein solutions became less stable with addition of the hydrocolloids under investigation, however the flow and lubrication behaviour of the protein solutions improved as the amount of hydrocolloids increased. The protein solution containing 0.25 g/100 g of curdlan showed the best lubrication property at both 15 and 37 °C.