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Persistence of meromixis and its effects on redox conditions and trophic status in Lake Idro (Southern Alps, Italy)

Viaroli, Pierluigi, Azzoni, Roberta, Bartoli, Marco, Iacumin, Paola, Longhi, Daniele, Mosello, Rosario, Rogora, Michela, Rossetti, Giampaolo, Salmaso, Nico, Nizzoli, Daniele
Hydrobiologia 2018 v.824 no.1 pp. 51-69
lakes, metabolism, mixing, nutrients, oxidation, oxygen, oxygen consumption, phytoplankton, solutes, Italy
This paper reports a study of oxygen and redox conditions, trophic status, and phytoplankton community in the meromictic Lake Idro (Italy) from 2010 to 2014. The sequence of causes and effects of meromixis are also evaluated by comparing recent research with studies conducted from the late 1960s to the mid-1990s. In the last half century, Lake Idro was steadily meromictic due to solutes which accumulated in its deep waters, along with both dissolved nutrients and chemically reduced substances produced by the anaerobic microbial metabolism. These substances were retained in bottom waters and made unavailable to upper layers until stratification broke. Mixing episodes occurred in 2005–2006 altering stratification, and oxygen and nutrient distribution within the lake. The potential full overturn effects were also evaluated as potential oxygen consumption due to the oxidation of reduced substances to forecast possible oxygen exhaustion and collapse of biological communities. Finally, meromixis is discussed as a potential threat for deep perialpine lakes using Lake Idro as a reference to comparatively evaluate the present status and possible future trends.