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Development of one-tube real-time RT-qPCR for the universal detection and quantification of Plum pox virus (PPV)

Fotiou, Ioanna S., Pappi, Polyxeni G., Efthimiou, Konstantinos E., Katis, Nikolaos I., Maliogka, Varvara I.
Journal of virological methods 2019 v.263 pp. 10-13
DNA fragmentation, Plum pox virus, Prunus, certification, chemistry, genes, genomics, messenger RNA, nucleotide sequences, pathogens, provenance, quantitative polymerase chain reaction, reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction, stone fruits
In this study a one-tube real-time RT-qPCR assay was developed using the TaqMan chemistry for the universal detection and quantification of PPV, one of the most important pathogens affecting stone fruit trees. In order to design appropriate primers and probe, nucleotide sequences from different PPV isolates originating from all known strains were recovered from the databases. Various genomic regions were screened and finally primers were selected from a conserved region of the 3′- terminal part of the CP gene amplifying a 146 bp DNA fragment while the probe was designed to bind within the amplicon. Ten-fold serial dilutions of in vitro synthesized RNA transcripts were applied for the construction of standard curve. The amplification efficiency of the assay was 93.8% and the linear range of quantification was from 40 up to 4 × 108 RNA copies. The real time RT-PCR was successfully tested with a collection of genetically diverse isolates with different geographical origin belonging to seven PPV strains. The present method is proposed as a useful tool for various basic or applied research studies of PPV as well as for routine testing of plant material during phytosanitary control or in certification schemes of Prunus species.