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Extraction and characterization of starch granule-associated proteins from rice that affect in vitro starch digestibility

Ye, Xiaoting, Zhang, Yu, Qiu, Chen, Corke, Harold, Sui, Zhongquan
Food chemistry 2019 v.276 pp. 754-760
amylases, amylose, in vitro digestibility, in vitro digestion, protein synthesis, resistant starch, ribosomal proteins, rice, rice starch, starch granules
Starch granule-associated proteins (SGAPs) including granule-surface proteins and granule-channel proteins in waxy, low- and high-amylose rice starch were extracted and identified. The in vitro digestibility of starch was investigated before and after the extraction of granule-channel proteins or total SGAPs. The results showed that 10 types of major differentially expressed proteins (DEPs) including 14-3-3-like protein and ribosomal protein were found among starches. In addition, the lack of only granule-channel proteins or total SGAPs led to significant and different changes in the levels of rapidly digestible starch, slowly digestible starch and resistant starch. Possible mechanisms are related to the accessibility of amylase into starch granules and structural properties of SGAPs. This study provides more information about DEPs in rice starch with different amylose content and supports further study on the relationship between SGAPs and in vitro starch digestibility.