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Economic performance study of the integrated MR-SOFC-CCHP system

Hou, Qinlong, Zhao, Hongbin, Yang, Xiaoyu
Energy 2019 v.166 pp. 236-245
business enterprises, computer software, economic performance, energy, fossil fuels, hydrogen fuel cells, methanol, models, power generation, prices
The fossil energy crisis is a great test for human society, and the technology of methanol reforming for hydrogen fuel cell has attracted much attention. Based on Aspen Plus - the large business process simulation software, this paper constructs a distributed energy system based on solar methanol reforming SOFC. It is combined with GT-ST power generation system and AHP-AR. We optimized the design of system integration mode, and the steady-state model of thermal calculation of the system is constructed. The calculation results show that, power, heating and cooling output of MR-SOFC-CCHP system are 226.9 kW, 46.6 kW and 36.4 kW respectively under design conditions. The power output efficiency and thermal efficiency were 59.7% and 81.6% respectively. System annual profit: 517,000 yuan/year. Compared with the annual profit of CCHP system of 275,000 yuan per year, its annual profit is increased by 242,000 yuan/year. The investment payback period of MR-SOFC-CCHP system decreases with the decrease of SOFC price. With the price of SOFC reduced from 50,000 yuan/kW to 15,000 yuan/kW, the investment payback period of MR-SOFC-CCHP system decreased from 14.0 to 5.8 years.