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A Meta-analysis of Bacterial Diversity in the Feces of Cattle

Minseok Kim, James. E. Wells
Current microbiology 2016 v.72 no.2 pp. 145-151
Firmicutes, bacterial communities, cattle, data collection, databases, feces, meta-analysis, nucleotide sequences, ribosomal RNA, sequence homology, species diversity
In this study, we conducted a meta-analysis on 16S rRNA gene sequences of bovine fecal origin that are publicly available in the RDP database. A total of 13,663 sequences including 603 isolate sequences were identified in the RDP database (Release 11, Update 1), where 13,447 sequences were assigned to 10 phyla, 17 classes, 28 orders, 59 families, and 110 genera, while the remaining 216 sequences could not be assigned to a known phylum. Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes were the first and the second predominant phyla, respectively. About 41 % of the total sequences could not be assigned to a known genus. The total sequences were assigned to 1252 OTUs at 97 % sequence similarity. A small number of OTUs shared among datasets indicate that fecal bacterial communities of cattle are greatly affected by various factors, specifically diet. This study may guide future studies to further analyze fecal bacterial communities of cattle.