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The unequivocal preponderance of biocomputation in clinical virology

Chun, Sechul, Muthu, Manikandan, Gopal, Judy, Paul, Diby, Kim, Doo Hwan, Gansukh, Enkhtaivan, Anthonydhason, Vimala
RSC advances 2018 v.8 no.31 pp. 17334-17345
antiviral agents, bioinformatics, computer software, computers, disease outbreaks, drug design, immunology, models, pathogens, surveys, virology, viruses
Bioinformatics and computer based data simulation and modeling are captivating biological research, delivering great results already and promising to deliver more. As biological research is a complex, intricate, diverse field, any available support is gladly taken. With recent outbreaks and epidemics, pathogens are a constant threat to the global economy and security. Virus related plagues are somehow the most difficult to handle. Biocomputation has provided appreciable help in resolving clinical virology related issues. This review, for the first time, surveys the current status of the role of computation in virus related research. Advances made in the fields of clinical virology, antiviral drug design, viral immunology and viral oncology, through input from biocomputation, have been discussed. The amount of progress made and the software platforms available are consolidated in this review. The limitations of computation based methods are presented. Finally, the challenges facing the future of biocomputation in clinical virology are speculated upon.