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Polyimide film with low thermal expansion and high transparency by self-enhancement of polyimide/SiC nanofibers net

Liu, Feiyan, Liu, Zhihong, Gao, Shuyu, You, Qingliang, Zou, Liyong, Chen, Jia, Liu, Jiyan, Liu, Xueqing
RSC advances 2018 v.8 no.34 pp. 19034-19040
light scattering, nanofibers, silicon carbide, solvents, tensile strength, thermal expansion
A facile approach to synthesize a polyimide (PI) film with enhanced dimensional stability, a high mechanical property and optical transparency is presented by embedding the partial imidized PI/SiC nanofiber-net in a poly(amic acid) (PAA) solution, followed by removing the solvent and imidization of the PAA. The nanofiber-network self-filled PI film demonstrates a much lower thermal expansion coefficient (CTE), an excellent mechanical property and high transparency retention in comparison to the film fabricated by solution cast. When the SiC content is 6 wt% in PI/SiC nanofibers, the CTE values for the PI film containing 25 wt% PI/SiC nanofibers are 2.80 times lower than the solution cast PI/SiC film. The tensile strength and modulus for the PI/SiC fiber filled film are also improved by 159% and 91% respectively in comparison to the solution cast SiC/PI film. In addition, the PI/SiC nanofiber-network filled PI film exhibits a high optic transparency. The significant improvement in aforementioned properties is contributed to by the long and continuous nanonetwork which acts as a frame to maintain the stable dimension and endow the film with high mechanical properties. Moreover, the nanosized SiC particles were constricted within the nano-fiber to avoid light scattering, so the high transparency of the film was retained.