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Characteristics of a Laboratory Strain of Coleomegilla maculata with Novel Heritable Wing Spot Pattern Trait

Allen, Margaret Louise
Advances in entomology 2016 v.4 no.1 pp. 47-60
Coleomegilla maculata, adults, biosynthesis, eyes, genes, inbreeding, incomplete dominance, insect cuticle, insects, melanin, phenotype, transcription factors, wings
The lady beetle Coleomegilla maculata is a common New World insect that is naturally colored pink to red or orange with black spots on the forewings of the adult stage. Previous laboratory inbreeding resulted in selection for a strain lacking red pigment in the cuticle and eyes. An additional strain selected for a novel spotting pattern is described here. The inheritance of the new trait, “ten spotted” (10sp), was determined by classical crossing experiments. Inheritance of the trait was autosomal and exhibited incomplete dominance. Bionomic strain measurements were compared to the parental strains and were similar overall. Two expressed sequences from C. maculate that may be related to the new phenotype were compared to model insect genes encoding a melanin biosynthesis enzyme and a patterning transcription factor.