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Design of a scalable AuNP catalyst system for plasmon-driven photocatalysis

Stolle, Heike Lisa Kerstin Stephanie, Garwe, Frank, Müller, Robert, Krech, Thomas, Oberleiter, Bastian, Rainer, Thomas, Fritzsche, Wolfgang, Stolle, Achim
RSC advances 2018 v.8 no.53 pp. 30289-30297
catalysts, cost effectiveness, ethanol, glass, mixing, models, nanogold, nanoparticles, photocatalysis, salts
In this work we present a simple, fast and cost-efficient synthesis of a metal nanoparticle catalyst on a glass support for plasmon driven heterogeneous photocatalysis. It is based on efficient mixing of metal salts as particle precursors with porous glass as the supporting material in a mixer ball mill, and the subsequent realization of a complete catalyst system by laser sintering the obtained powder on a glass plate as the support. By this, we could obtain catalyst systems with a high particle proportion and an even spatial particle distribution in a rapid process, which could be applied to various kinds of metal salt resulting in plasmon active metal nanoparticles. Furthermore, the catalyst production process presented here is easily scalable to any size of area that is to be coated. Finally, we demonstrate the catalytic performance of our catalysts by a model reaction of ethanol degradation in a self-designed lab-scale reactor.