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TE 1/2, An Index for Relating Fiber Tenacity and Elongation

Rosenthal, Arnold J.
Textile research journal 1966 v.36 no.7 pp. 593-602
crosslinking, fabrics, polymers, spinning, synthetic fibers, textile fibers
The drawing of a fiber generally inereases its tenacity and decreases its elongation. Attempts to describe this tenacity elongation exchange relationship have led to the useful set of functions : T × E |Breaking energy| ; T (1 + E 100) |True stress at failure] ; and T× E1 |Emptrical function|. The TE relationship describes the tenacity-elongation exchange relationship for a large number of man-made fiber systems. This TE ¹/₂ factor also appears useful in the development of fiber processes, where it can serve as an index of spinning process optimization or of polymer quality. In cases where the tensile factor TE ¹/₂ does not appear appropriate. examination of the other functions provides additional insight into what may be occurring during a fiber orienting process, e.g., elimination of stress concentration flaws, action of elastic cross links, etc. Attempts to explain the empirical TE ¹/₂ relationship show that it is a simple approximation to more complex mathematical relationships derived from mechanistic assumptions.