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Derivation of chicken primordial germ cells using an indirect Co-culture system

Xie, Long, Lu, Zhenping, Chen, Dongyang, Yang, Mengmeng, Liao, Yuying, Mao, Wenrong, Mo, Lifen, Sun, Juanjuan, Yang, Wenhao, Xu, Huiyan, Lu, Kehuan, Lu, Yangqing
Theriogenology 2019 v.123 pp. 83-89
biotechnology, chick embryos, chickens, coculture, genomics, germ cells, gonads, phenotype, progeny
Primordial germ cells (PGCs) are promising genetic resources for avian studies including modified animals. However, chicken PGCs are slow to proliferate and gradually lose germline competency after long-term culture, which hinders their application in avian biotechnology. Thus, we developed a robust method for the isolation and rapid propagation of PGCs using an indirect co-culture system. PGCs derived from a pair of embryonic chicken gonads were expanded to 1 × 106 within 2 weeks, and no sex bias was observed in. These PGCs presented high capacity of germline transmission and produced donor-derived offspring after injection into the chicken embryos. This system allows the efficient gene-banking of chicken species and can facilitate the production of chickens bearing a desired phenotype via genomic editing.