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Theoretical Aspects of Hook Removal at Drafting Operations : Part II: The Influence of Changes in Draft Distribution on the Removal of Trailing and Leading Hooks

Merchant, V.B.
Textile research journal 1962 v.32 no.10 pp. 805-810
fabrics, product quality, textile fibers
'rhe present theory relates mainly to the effects of changes in draft distribution that lead to concentration of the total draft in fewer zones on the extent of removal of trailing and leading hooks. It is a further refinement of the theory presented in Part I of this paper, which merely indicated that the concentration of draft in fewer zones is likely to facilitate the removal of hooks. On the basis of the present theory it is concluded that (i) at any draft within a single drafting zone the decrease in the hook extent of trailing hooks is always more than the decrease in the hook extent of leading hooks, the disparity between the two increasing rapidly with increase in draft, and (ii) when a given total draft is concentrated in fewer zones the degree of removal of trailing hooks increases whereas that of leading hooks decreases. However the total hook removal (i.e., leading hook removal plus trailing hook removal) increases as the same total draft is concen- , trated in fewer drafting zones.