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Influences of Fiber Properties on Yarn Twists

Weiss, Louis C., Tsoi, RubyH., Sands, Jack E., Grant, James N.
Textile research journal 1964 v.34 no.7 pp. 605-611
fabrics, fiber quality, fineness, lint cotton, textile fibers, yarns
The variation in the twist multiplier for maximum yarn strength in terms of the fiber properties of length. weight fineness, and uniformity of tenacity along bundle length is inferred from data based upon 15 1, 30, 1, and 40/1 yarns of a series of cottons having widely different fiber properties. The optimum twist multipliers that were calculated (1) from the above three fiber parameters (i.e., the tenacity-length uniformity hypothe sis); (ii) from the length and fineness, and (III) from the fiber length alone are com pared to the optimum twist multipliers detemined from the yarn tenacity vs twist curves. The tenacity-length uniformity hypothesis and the Sullivan theory are com pared by utilizing single cotton fiber properties. Considering all comparisons, the cor relation coefficients for theoretical to nommal values of optimum twist range from 0.64 to 0.96. Utilization in yarn twist of the ratio denoting uniformity of tenacity along bundle length in the tenacity-length uniformity hypothesis and of the ratio of single-fiber tenacity transfer in the Sullivan theory is illustrated.