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BABY BOOM (BBM): a candidate transcription factor gene in plant biotechnology

Jha, Priyanka, Kumar, Vijay
Biotechnology letters 2018 v.40 no.11-12 pp. 1467-1475
Brassica napus, apomixis, biotechnology, cell proliferation, embryogenesis, genes, growth regulators, plant development, signal transduction, totipotency, transcription factors
Plants have evolved a number of transcription factors, many of which are implicated in signaling pathways as well as regulating diverse cellular functions. BABY BOOM (BBM), transcription factors of the AP2/ERF family are key regulators of plant cell totipotency. Ectopic expression of the BBM gene, originally identified in Brassica napus, has diverse functions in plant cell proliferation, growth and development without exogenous growth regulators. The BBM gene has been implicated to play an important role as a gene marker in multiple signaling developmental pathways in plant development. This review focuses on recent advances in our understanding of a member of the AP2 family of transcription factor BBM in plant biotechnology including plant embryogenesis, cell proliferation, regeneration, plant transformation and apogamy. Recent discoveries about the BBM gene will inevitably help to unlock the long-standing mysteries of different biological mechanisms of plant cells.