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SETAC GLB and SETAC Europe SAC: a liaison promoting the next generation of ecotoxicologists and environmental chemists

Lüderwald, Simon, Newton, Kymberly, Heye, Katharina, Bitter, Kristina, Moeris, Samuel, Benner, Lena, Böhm, Paul, Koch, Josef, Feckler, Alexander, Castro, Mafalda, Erikkson, Andreas
Environmental sciences Europe 2018 v.30 no.1 pp. 41
advocacy, chemistry, chemists, ecotoxicology, environmental science, society, students, Europe
This commentary is an introduction for students to the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) and its Student Advisory Council (SAC). As young academics face challenges while trying to develop their careers, SETAC and the SAC help facilitate student involvement in the various communities within the society that can help to develop the students’ careers within the environmental sciences [e.g. the German Language Branch (GLB)]. This piece would also like to emphasize and pay homage to the continual cooperation between the SAC and the ESEU, which provides a scientific platform to communicate internationally and beyond the borders of SETAC, as well as offer heartfelt congratulations from the SAC to the GLB for their “20 Years SETAC GLB” and deep gratitude for their strong advocacy and support of the SAC.