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Measurement of spatial socioeconomic impact of energy poverty

Scarpellini, Sabina, Alexia Sanz Hernández, M., Moneva, José M., Portillo-Tarragona, Pilar, Rodríguez, María Esther López
Energy policy 2019 v.124 pp. 320-331
energy, energy policy, energy poverty, households, social impact, socioeconomic factors, statistical analysis, technicians
This article presents a spatial analysis of the evolution of energy poverty in Spanish households, and aims to measure the socioeconomic impact of energy poverty. The economic-financial measurement of palliative measures implemented and social perceptions of energy poverty are also dimensioned.In order to analyse holistically the economic-financial and social impact of energy poverty at a territorial level, a statistical analysis of the financial aids has been conducted and the perception of technicians (employed by both the public and the private sectors) who work with affected households has been compiled. In addition, this paper explores the relationship between media coverage and the economic-financial impact at territorial level. To this goal, 259 newspaper articles about energy poverty were classified and analysed to examine the socio-genesis of the problem of energy poverty.The measurement of the socio-economics impact of energy poverty in households in a territory represents the spatial dimension of the problem for the definition of local energy policies taking into consideration the evolution of different measures implemented over time, their limitations, scope and flexibility.