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A colorimetric paper-based sensor for toltrazuril and its metabolites in feed, chicken, and egg samples

Wang, Zhongxing, Zhang, Jian, Liu, Liqiang, Wu, Xiaoling, Kuang, Hua, Xu, Chuanlai, Xu, Liguang
Food chemistry 2019 v.276 pp. 707-713
European Union, chickens, colorimetry, detection limit, eggs, haptens, inhibitory concentration 50, metabolites, monoclonal antibodies, rapid methods, screening, toltrazuril
In this study, a sensitive monoclonal antibody (mAb) against toltrazuril (Tol) was developed based on a novel hapten. The 50% inhibitory concentrations (IC50) of toltrazuril and its metabolites ranged from 2.19 ng/mL to 4.21 ng/mL. Based on this mAb, a colorimetric paper-based sensor was developed for the rapid screening of Tol and its metabolites in samples. The proposed assay has cutoff values of <20 μg/kg for Tol and 50 μg/kg for Tol sulfone when evaluated with the naked eye, and the results could be obtained in 15 min. Quantitative results were obtained with a strip scan reader, with limits of detection <2.60 μg/kg for Tol and its metabolites in real samples. The sensitivity of both qualitative and quantitative detection meets the European Union requirements. Therefore, this strip assay provides a useful tool for the on-site detection and rapid initial screening of Tol and its derivatives in feed, egg, and chicken samples.