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Influence of framework and interlayer on the colloidal stability of design swelling high-charged micas

Osuna, Francisco J., Cota, Agustín, Fernández, Mariela A., Pavón, Esperanza, Torres Sánchez, Rosa M., Alba, María D.
Colloids and surfaces 2019 v.561 pp. 32-38
cations, colloids, mica, pH, zeta potential
Stability of colloidal clay minerals dispersion of fundamental in many industrial processes. Therefore, surface charge of the synthetic swelling high-charged mica family, Na-Mica-n (n = 2 or 4, n is the total layer charge) were investigated to study its colloidal dispersion stability as a function of the framework and interlayer space composition. Na-Mica-n (n = 2 or 4) micas were synthesized and functionalized with ethylammonium, mercaptoethylammonium or octadecylammonium. Their zeta-potential evolutions as a function of solution pH were correlated with their structural, compositional and morphological characteristics. The results have shown that the total charge of swelling high charged micas, Mica-n, didn´t affect significantly their colloidal dispersion stability, the interlayer composition and interlayer cation arrangement were the main factors of colloidal behaviour. The synthesis and functionalization of those synthetic micas can be tuned for their optimal use.